Today I am fifteen. I have been blogging since I was five. I’ve known a lot of you for the entire time. Thank you for being my friend.




Thursday, May 8, 2014 · 6:08 am

8 responses to “Fifteen

  1. Have a very happy birthday! I hope you get some extra treats today. And we are so glad to have known you all this time. You were one of our first cat blogging friends, and helped keep us blogging in those earlier days.

  2. Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Ginger! You are still my first love. :-)

  3. Happy birthday kitteh!


  4. Happy 15, Ginger. You’re so very pretty. Lots of treats on your day.

  5. Such a pretty kitty! Happy 15, you sweet Ginger you! I’ve just discovered you from William’s blog (isn’t William handsome, and Elliott too!)